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Yanny Split Exhibition!

Kiwialan's Beading

Glass Artist - Dichroic Pendants, Slumped, fused and caste glass - WOW!

So, what is this place?

This is Alan's Jewellery department. This where you will find samples of Alan's work...........

In fact even this page is a work in progress, call back 'cos we are working on it now.

Our magic Scrabble rings in plastic here , Cufflinks in wooden tiles Right Here! , and small or large scrabble pendants.

What else do we make? We make pendants and rings out of antique typewriter keys, WOW! These are another top seller and we have trouble buying typewriters. At the moment we have built up enough stock,just hope it lasts! To check them all out go to at Jewelry out of typewriters and be prepared to laugh or something!

We make plain "wedders" or patterned rings in copper, brass and sterling silver. We also make dress rings in silver, more details to come about those later

Our "Steampunk" range is using old watch movements, but again, more details soon. Check out our new ideas

Our latest design - In the New Ideas department

Did we mention that we are one of the biggest sellers of cuff links? We make cuff links out of beer bottle tops, military buttons and old coins! And they are big sellers! Check them out now Right Here!

We also sell on the following online auction sites. In New Zealand on Trade Me, Sella and Felt. Overseas on Ebay, Etsy and Artfire. Our ID is always Kiwialan. Just check us out on all of them. Great Ideas, Great stock!

KiaOra Magazine


Need a ring size? Or want to check out American Sizing? Or any other type of sizing?

Look no further. Just go to Our ring Conversion charts

Check out our Wedding Scrabble rings, yes photo supplied from Rarotonga - Congratulations!

Our copper, brass and sterling silver. We also make dress rings, more to come

Yanny Split - Fibre Exhibition

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